Albania – Bosnia, 27 Reasons to Travel by Bus

27 things that happened on my bus through Albania, and I promise this is all true. 1.       They label the physical seat, not the space in front where you actually place your body, so I am minding my own business, peacefully sitting in my dedicated seat number 33. To which the bus driver approaches me and tells me that that is seat 35 and now … Continue reading Albania – Bosnia, 27 Reasons to Travel by Bus

5 Things To Do on the beaches in Kefalonia

Confession time, title is a lie, this is 5 things I would like you not to do on the beaches of Kefalonia but starting a post with a negative title isn’t very enticing now is it!   The beaches on all the Ionian Islands are the home to some of the most beautiful marine and terrestrial life. The clear, shallow waters, dense vegetation, and vast … Continue reading 5 Things To Do on the beaches in Kefalonia

Mounda Beach Clean

  Its 9:30am, one volunteer has the skeleton of an umbrella over her shoulder and is wearing the torn off fabric as a cape, one is dragging varying colours and lengths of rope, knotted up into a giant, tangled labyrinth behind her. One is staggering along with four plastic petrol cans balanced one on top of the other a she manoeuvres her way around sandcastles … Continue reading Mounda Beach Clean

Calm Before The Storm

 ‘Holy shit, someone let the dog in!’ ‘Can I have more milk with my hot chocolate?’ ‘I don’t want sugar in mine!’ ‘Did anyone get the towels off the line?’ Absolute chaos as we experience our first thunderstorm in Greece. Thunder crashing over our heads, lightening lighting up the whole sky, and rain which doesn’t seem to be easing off anytime soon. All 9 volunteers … Continue reading Calm Before The Storm


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