Travel Advice

I have been training myself to become a certified Independent Travel Agent, and am now officially part of ABTA and I can now book and advise on travel for anyone and everyone!   Family Vacations, Honeymoons, Adventure tours, 18-30 trips, cruises, Volunteer Programs, Experience days, or even if you just need advice on anything travel related please feel free to contact me! My real passion … Continue reading Travel Advice

From Workawayers To Lifelong Friend

There is something about the friendships you create through Workaway that is different and unique to every other friendship you have. Maybe its because after a long, gruelling trip on a local bus, with little to no idea as to where it is going, they are the first faces you see that welcome you to the area. Maybe it’s the instant common understanding that you’re … Continue reading From Workawayers To Lifelong Friend

There’s snakes in Trebinje?!

Leaving Mostar, I was excited to move on as always, but sad because it’s the only place I have been to so far on this trip that has left me so touched. The culture, history and clear impact the war had on the city, and the absolute determination the locals have to get past, and overcome this disaster was inspiring and really left me feeling … Continue reading There’s snakes in Trebinje?!

Sunsets and Strangers

  Meeting new people everyday is the best part about travelling, people who inspire you, people who frustrate you, people who challenge your ideas and morals and beliefs. People who challenge a stereotype you have created in your mind, people who live up to the stereotype, people who leave you speechless, people who leave you questioning how they have managed to survive alone, half way … Continue reading Sunsets and Strangers

Albania – Bosnia, 27 Reasons to Travel by Bus

27 things that happened on my bus through Albania, and I promise this is all true. 1.       They label the physical seat, not the space in front where you actually place your body, so I am minding my own business, peacefully sitting in my dedicated seat number 33. To which the bus driver approaches me and tells me that that is seat 35 and now … Continue reading Albania – Bosnia, 27 Reasons to Travel by Bus